Mkazee Stone uses a unique blend of innovation, tradition and cutting edge technology to deliver stone cuts of superior quality at affordable prices. These experienced industry leaders integrate traditional expertise with the latest machinery to satisfy orders from customers in Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Germany, India, China, France, Netherland, Iran, UAE, Oman, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Russia and the United States. Mkazee is also the proud, exclusive supplier of the highly sought after Platinum and the famously breathtaking Costa Esmeralda.


Opting for Expert Delivery


Mkazee Stone Company has long-standing relationships in the shipping industry. After cutting your stone, they will arrange to have it shipped to you across land or sea, delivered safely, intact and ready to be put to use.


The rock-solid legacy of Mkazee Stone Company reaches across two centuries. This world-class company is ready to include your project among its many successful undertakings.

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